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Hi! I’m Bari Winter.

As an Editor and dedicated storyteller, my mission is to help you to craft the best stories  possible. I bring creativity and expertise to the editing process, shaping footage into compelling narratives that bring joy, inspiration, and leave a lasting impact on viewers. 

My passion for television and film started when I was a teenager. I attended a summer camp that had a video program where we created music videos, mock talk shows, and short films, sparking my love for storytelling. This passion led me to pursue film school, where I fell in love with editing and post production. Since then, I’ve navigated my way through various genres, from news and sports to reality TV to scripted television and films, always striving to do my best work.

I am drawn to building communities, whether it’s on a show or a film or in my personal life or within the post production community such as my Industry Happenings Facebook group or as the Slack Community Manager for the Optimize Yourself program. As the community manager, I organize monthly physical challenges, hikes in the LA area, and foster engagement. In my opinion, the key to success is building a dream team to collaborate with. 

Editors spend a lot of time managing many personalities, communicating, collaborating, and building relationships. This collaboration encourages creativity and helps to elevate the story even further. Colleagues have praised my professionalism, creativity, care, intuitiveness, insightfulness, incredible sense of story and easy going personality that makes the entire team feel comfortable. One EP even nicknamed me Ginsu!

If you’re curious to learn more about me and my work, check out my portfolio and IMDb page linked above. Feel free to reach out via the form below to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

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